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How to Maintain HVAC System During The Summer Months in Phoenix

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The high temperatures will surely beat your air conditioning unit during the peak of summer. To maintain the proper temperature, your heating and cooling system will work almost constantly, putting a strain on the compressor and the entire HVAC system. To prevent costly repairs on hvac systems, you need to remember the following preventative maintenance tips:

Now that it’s summertime, aside from tending your lawn, you may need to include the following items as a part of your household routine. Not only will you prevent major breakdowns from hurting your wallet, but you can also assure yourself of the ideal cooling comfort and air quality indoors!

HVAC Equipment Maintenance Tuneup

Your HVAC system, like anything mechanical, needs regular maintenance. Ideally, an HVAC technician performs regular HVAC maintenance annually before the end of spring. Your HVAC technician can check your entire HVAC system, troubleshoot, and care for critical system components to ensure ideal HVAC system efficiency through the summer and beyond. These items may include condenser coils, air ducts, heat pump, dirty filters, evaporator coil, refrigerant lines, and other internal components. In case you overlooked this item during the spring, now is not too late to book an appointment with your Air Conditioning repair service provider or HVAC contractor.

Maintain Proper Airflow

Efficient HVAC systems don’t just rely on the air conditioner to supply the cooling. The airflow and air quality are also essential to keep your indoors cool and comfortable. To ensure your HVAC system will be working efficiently, here are the following tips to improve the airflow:

Change the air filter: The air filter can get battered by dust, especially in Arizona. Fine dust particles will strain your system because less air is cooled than it should. And because it is summer, your HVAC unit will keep running more frequently than usual and try to let more air in. Check your air filters monthly to prevent airflow and other HVAC issues, such as overstraining your system’s efficiency. Clean filters can help with your HVAC system efficiency. Replace them if cleaning is impossible.

Keep your vents unhindered and open: Contrary to some air conditioning myths, closing vents in unused areas to cut off cooling is not the right way to achieve energy efficiency. Ensure that all vents are open. Remove all obstructions from vents and grills to allow the air to circulate through your HVAC system and your home.

Clean your outside HVAC unit: Remove debris and clutter from your condenser or outdoor unit. Keep anything away from your condenser unit fins and vents to allow heat to leave the system freely. The more the space between the condenser coils and ambient air is open, the more efficiently warm air can escape the system. Keep the area around it clean if you have a heat exchanger, especially for commercial units.

Mind Your Air Conditioning Unit Thermostat Settings in The Summer

One way to help prevent straining your system is by scheduling when you will adjust your thermostat settings depending on your family’s schedule in the summer. Instead of keeping the air conditioning unit running always, you may program your thermostat to account for the following activities:

  • Later bedtimes
  • Vacations
  • Later waking hours
  • Adjust for setbacks when people are at home

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it to “hold” when you leave town with your family to save on energy bills.

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Improve Indoor Humidity Levels

Indoor air quality is essential to keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. Even if you have cool air, you will still feel discomfort if you let the humidity levels high. To ensure that you will have a cool and comfortable indoors, here are HVAC maintenance tips for your home:

Ensure that the water drain lines exit your home correctly. If you let it drop and create puddles, you may risk water flowing back to your home. Moreover, suppose you experience condensation backup in the drain lines. In that case, you might have higher humidity levels in your home because of water damage to your home and air conditioning and heating equipment.

Install dehumidifiers for your home to maintain optimum humidity levels during summertime. Though HVAC units can keep humidity levels for most of the year, the humidity levels in summer can reach high levels.

Takeaways: Gladiate Air Conditioning & Heating Can Help You With Your Summer Heating and Cooling System Needs!

For years, we have been highly familiar with the quirks of Arizona’s climate can bring its residents. That is why we quickly jump on a call to help clients in need of our help. Not only do clients call us to have an HVAC technician check their systems regularly, we also get many calls for emergency repairs. We do HVAC, AC unit repair, and other services, and we also help our clients form maintenance plans to ensure they will save on repair costs. For service and to form a maintenance plan for your HVAC system, call us at (623) 249-4536. We are known in the community for our fast and reliable service. You can also request service by accessing this page.

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