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Tips on Improving the Efficiency of Your Home Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners are essential home appliances, especially when dealing with the oppressive heat of Arizona summers. For larger homes, your central air conditioning system is one of the most critical parts of your home that demands constant attention. Your home air conditioners don’t just supply cool air, but they also help improve air quality and humidity, which helps prevent health issues such as asthma and other respiratory ailments. With proper maintenance and attention, your heating and cooling system may stay strong when you least expect them. Even if your central air conditioners don’t break down, they may run inefficiently, leading to higher utility bills. To help you maintain an efficiently running air conditioner, here are ten tips to keep the overall cost down:

The best way to keep the efficiency ratings high for your air conditioners is by holding regular maintenance schedules. Your reliable HVAC company can provide appropriate schedules to maintain your air conditioner properly. One essential item is the timing of the schedule. It is best to schedule annual maintenance in spring to maximize the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, especially if you have a central air conditioner or central air conditioning systems. Moreover, observing regular maintenance can keep HVAC repair costs down in the long run.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

To keep your air conditioner efficient, it is best to keep the conditioned air indoors as much as possible. Though it might be tempting to take fresh air into your room, the jump in temperatures will necessitate your air conditioner to work harder to keep the temperature at set levels.

Clean or Change Air Filters Regularly

For air conditioners to work efficiently, airflow should be maintained properly. Dirty or clogged air filters compromise indoor air quality because of the reduced airflow. The reduced airflow will also force the air compressors to work harder to maintain the set temperature. Moreover, dust can find its way to your air conditioner’s internal components and might damage them. To ensure properly-working air conditioners and to maintain high HVAC energy efficiency, we recommend replacing or cleaning your air filters every one to three months.

Power Down Electronics and Appliances

Electronics and appliances present substantial heat loads, which require more heat to be pumped out of the room. To save on cooling costs, turn off electronics and appliances when you don’t use them. You can save on power further by unplugging these devices if you don’t use them.

Keep Appliances Away from the Thermostat

Though you need to keep your thermostat as central in your room as possible, it is best to keep them away from everything else. If you have a heat-producing appliance close to the thermostat, this will “trick” the thermostat into thinking that the entire room is hotter than it actually is. Once this happens, your air conditioning system will work harder to pump cool air into your room, even if unnecessary.

Use Ceiling Fans

Turning the air conditioner higher by three degrees Fahrenheit may be imperceptible to most people. Turning them higher by six degrees further throughout the house in your central air system can decrease your overall energy consumption by over 30%. Ceiling fans can help by magnifying the cooling effect of the cool air in the room, helping make the room’s occupants feel cooler. This will make the change in temperature less of a hassle.

Unblock Your Vents

For your central AC to be the most efficient, you must ensure that the air distribution system is unimpeded. Keep your cabinets, dressers, and even curtains away from the vents. Most importantly, it would help to vacuum-clean your vents regularly to ensure optimized airflow.

Use LED Bulbs

Not only are LED bulbs more energy-efficient, but LED bulbs also present a significantly lower heat load per watt of lighting which helps put less strain on your air conditioners when keeping room temperatures low.

Clean Your Outdoor Units Regularly

For split system air conditioners, you must ensure that your outdoor units are free from debris, such as leaves and twigs. If you have a new air conditioner with outdoor units, you must plan ahead where you place them. Placing them away from trees, plants, and shrubbery by three feet can help decrease the chance of vegetation blocking the airflow into the outdoor units. When these are obstructed, your central AC unit may work harder than it should.

Keep Your Air Conditioner On

Air conditioners spend more power trying to reach lower temperatures than maintaining the temperatures in well-insulated rooms. Suppose you turn off your air conditioner to near-outside temperatures twice a day. You might spend 50% more energy than keeping your air conditioner at 78 degrees Fahrenheit when outdoor temperatures are 90 degrees. Using Energy Star-rated heat pumps, air conditioners, and devices can drive costs even further, especially if these are used combined with intelligent thermostat systems.

What if I Have a Furnace?

Your HVAC system is like a heat pump where it can bring cold air to higher temperature rooms or warm air to rooms with colder temperatures on demand. Most of the tips offered here may apply if you use a centralized heating system as much as they apply to keep AC units running efficiently.

Takeaways: For Maintaining a More Efficient Home Air Conditioners in Mesa, AZ, Choose Gladiate Air & Heating!

The specific climate of Arizona puts an exceptional strain on air conditioning systems, which is why Gladiate Air & Heating are the best professionals for maintaining and repairing them. Whether you have older air conditioners or a new central AC unit in ductless systems, our decades of experience servicing Arizona homes and businesses give us an edge to take on the demands of our clients. If you have issues with your air conditioners, we can provide you with options to help you maintain a comfortable temperature when you need them. To learn more about our heating and cooling maintenance and air conditioning and HVAC repair services, call us at (623) 249-4536 or fill out the contact form on our contact page.


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