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What to Expect During an AC Unit Repair Appointment

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No matter how well-maintained your air conditioner is, there will come the point when some of its internal components break down. Especially for the climate in Phoenix Az, the environmental conditions put a heavier strain on air conditioning and HVAC systems than most places. Once an air conditioning unit fails to function correctly, you will look for a dependable air conditioning repair service provider to visit your home and fix them. Letting another person in your house make AC repairs without understanding what happens may raise concerns. To dispel any misgivings about AC repair services and what goes behind their work, we share with you what an AC repair technician does when fixing your air conditioners.

As a responsible family-ran AC repair company, we always assure our clients of the best service when they need us, including trying to save on their air conditioning repair costs. Emergency AC repair can be expensive if a major breakdown happens. On the other hand, the problem could be just loose wiring. We approach air conditioning repair by focusing on the simple stuff first, as overlooked items such as a failing thermostat or a need for a system reset are what caused the failure of your air conditioner or HVAC system. From there, we work our way down to the details.

Air Conditioning Repair Starts With The Simple Stuff:

An AC repair technician may first ask to look at your thermostat. What may look like a big problem could be caused by a thermostat setting issue. Working on the details, they will operate the thermostat and check if your air conditioner is working as intended. If the problem is not thermostat-related, they may check for electrical issues starting from your circuit breaker box. They may also do a system reset to check if the air conditioner will work properly immediately.

Air Conditioner Repair Details:


The previous steps are standard procedures before going into the details of what failed in the air conditioning equipment. Expert technicians typically take ten to sixty minutes to check the air conditioner thoroughly. They will do a trial-and-error discovery phase to isolate the issue. Among the items they will check are the following:

  • Checking the air filter for obstructions or a replacement is needed.
  • Refrigerant pressures
  • Condenser coil
  • Condenser fan motor
  • Condenser fan blades
  • Evaporator coil
  • Reversing Valve

The air conditioning repair technician will also look into your air handler unit and air ducting conditions in larger buildings.

Among common air conditioning myths, some people use oversized air conditioners to cool air in smaller spaces. The cooling capacity of an AC unit depends on the area they are designed for. If you use the wrong size of air conditioner, the sooner it will lead to compressor failure.

Results of diagnostics:

Once the AC repair technician determines the cause of the problem, they will explain them in detail. They may recommend making repairs immediately in case of minor repairs or if you choose to keep your AC unit working temporarily while waiting for replacement parts. Solutions may require replacement parts and making appropriate adjustments. There are cases when sections of your HVAC system, or the entire system, may need an upgrade to maintain efficiency. The AC repair technician will present you with the options and the cost to help you decide on the next step.

Your AC unit may still be under warranty. In that case, most manufacturer warranties cover the cost of repairs.

Aside from providing you with the options, they will also discuss how to prevent your air conditioning system from failing or how to maintain HVAC system. They can help you formulate a routine maintenance plan to ensure your air conditioner working correctly for a long time.

Suppose you decide to have your air conditioner repaired instead of replaced. In that case, the air conditioning repair technician may proceed with repairing them if they have the appropriate parts in hand if you allow them to.

Takeaways: Choose a Dependable AC Repair Phoenix Company For Your AC Unit Repair Needs

Gladiate Air Conditioning & Heating has been providing heating system and air conditioning repair in Phoenix since 2015. We know the needs of our clients and the requirements of air conditioning and heating systems specific to our area. Our certified technicians have decades of combined experience in delivering high-quality service. We also pride ourselves on our transparent pricing and neighborly approach when dealing with clients. To know more about our air conditioner repair services in Phoenix, or if you want to book a service call, call us at (623) 249-4536. We will have your unit running as soon as possible!

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